Friday, April 24, 2009

Technomysticism: Consciousness in the Age of Technology

I am happy to announce that I have concluded the writing of my book Technomysticism: Consciousness in the Age of Technology. The book will be published this May in the Israeli Madaf publishing house. It was written in Hebrew, but hopefully it will be translated to English in the near future.

In a world which is rapidly shaped by a surge of new technologies, the ways in which sense, feel and think are changing incessantly. In this hyper-mediated world technological man has two options: To be a slave to technology or to become a technological kung-fu artist. Technomysticism is a discipline which deals with the question of how to use technology in harmony and awareness.

The book Technomysticism deals with the daily, intellectuals and spiritual implications of technologies such as the internet, cellular phones, digital cameras, television and psychedelic substances.

The book looks at questions such as: How consciousness is influenced daily by various technologies? How to live a spiritual life in a world composed of instant messages and perpetual stimulations? How a society with a technomystic awareness will look like? And why technology and media are an integral life of any inner search?